2014 Clinic Registration Forms

The 2014 Clinic is set for Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13 at Windham Middle School. Advanced registration is just $20. 

Some of the topics for this year include:

  • Baseball Rules
  • Softball Rules
  • Mechanics
  • Role of the Umpire
  • Game Etiquette
  • Working with Coaches and Players
  • Obstruction vs. Interference

Clinic Registration Form


Rules Question of the Week 1/4/14

Rules Question of the Week: B1 walks on 4 pitches. After reaching first base, the runner overruns first base to see if the defense will make a play on them. The runner turns left but immediately without hesitation returns to the bag.

Rules Question of the Week 12/28/13

Rules Question of the Week: Bases are loaded, 1 out. B5 hits a long fly ball to left field.
R3 thinking the ball is a home run takes off as soon as the ball is hit. Left fielder catches the ball. Runner continues on and scores.
B6 steps to the plate and Plate Umpire indicates “play” the pitcher throws a ball high and outside. Manager of the defensive team now requests an appeal for failure to re-tag.
Umpires grant the appeal. Are they correct? Please answer in the comments

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